What we do

Our focus is to build memorable and influential brands through a holistic approach that utilises our multidisciplinary skills.

Balancing strategic thinking with innovative design, we seek to realise outcomes underpinned by strong singular thinking and ideas that define our client’s competitive advantage, positioning them as leaders in their respective fields.


In these socially and environmentally challenging times, we want to examine how to develop concepts by exploring sustainable, conscious and eco-design elements. While identifying and exploring innovation opportunities, focusing on ways we can empathise and strategise ways to harness design to opportune people and the planet.


Design continues to play a more critical part in contemporary discussion because it deals with how we feel. Design must be an experience regardless of medium; the outcome must stand out and truly connect by engaging emotionally and intellectually.Working collaboratively across many varied sectors and industries, our studio has built an array of truly influential brands that challenge, inspire and excite audiences and their communities alike.


Question Everything. Where curiosity thrives, ideas flourish. It is essential to emphasise the development of a contextual inquiry model and be open to an ever-evolving research phase. Allowing for a more proficient analysis and holistic understanding of the world and who you are designing for.Curiosity allows us to develop our problem-solving abilities, encourages and fosters unique thought and thinking and encourages us to divulge away from standardised solutions to bring unique clarification to our ideas.


Art Dept philosophy is based on fostering creative thought and action. We transform brands and narrate stories that deepen engagement through considerate and innovative design communication. Harnessing creative problem-solving strategies and methods to construct diverse contemporary values and initiate a positive impact on people and the planet.


Connecting ideas, knowledge, and disciplines is at the heart of this multi-disciplinary studio. A collective of innovators, visionaries, and disruptors.We feel it is necessary to accumulate bits of knowledge from the world around us and make connections between those dots, creating the fuel for creative thinking and new ideas. We aim to foster this collective thinking, allowing for a cross-culture exchange of ideas and narratives.


We always strive for a developed comprehension of the situations and actualities of the people we are designing for. Encoded within our brand DNA is compassion and empathy.Developing brands across cultures and languages requires understanding human-centred needs, environments, behaviours and conditions. We are not interested in quick fixes and clichés. Art Dept is about taking time to be thoughtful about how we can best contribute to positive change.

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